Where the sun always shines!
Bruno's Shopping Center - Hwy 59 South
Gulf Shores, Alabama


THE FINEST TANNING EQUIPMENT IN THE AREA - Featuring all Wolff System computer controlled tanning units. We have 20 minute beds for the ultimate in relaxation, 10 minute beds for people "on the go", and stand up units for the ultimate in "all over" tanning. Our salon computer tracks your visits and your tanning time, so you get what you paid for.....and it tracks bed and bulb usage so that our equipment is maintained and bulbs changed to maximize your tanning experience.

CONVENIENCE - No appointment is ever necessary at ISLAND TAN. You can visit us at your convenience....not the salon's. Open 7 days a week.

INNOVATION - Our "state of the art" air conditioning system was specially designed for our salon to insure that your tanning experience will be the coolest you've ever had. A second air system pumps cool air through each tanning bed for your tanning comfort.

SAFETY - Your tanning time is monitored by computer to insure that you are always carefully tanned. Our trained staff is Smart Tan certified so that you can feel confident in seeking their advice. Because we specialize only in tanning - we can insure you get the best tan safely.

CLEANLINESS - A sparkling clean facility is our way of showing you that we appreciate your business and are concerned about your tanning safety. We clean your tanning bed for you .... so you can relax and enjoy your tanning experience.

UNIQUE DESIGN - Each tanning room, custom designed by a local decorator, has a unique theme, allowing each of our clients to relax in the environment of their choice.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - If you are ever unsatisfied with a service or product you purchased from us, for any reason, we will gladly refund your money and do everything we can to correct the problem as quickly as possible.
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Where the Sun Always Shines!