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Where the sun always shines!
Bruno's Shopping Center - Hwy 59 South
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Where the Sun Always Shines!
Our Salon Features:
5 - Sundash R26B tanning beds each with 26 - 100 watt Wolff certified bulbs. These beds are designed to give maximum UV exposure in 20 minutes.
2 - Sundash R32P tanning beds each with 32 - 100 watt Wolff certified bulbs. These beds are designed to give maximum UV exposure in 10 minutes.
2 - Sundash SR-48 Radius stand-up tanning units each with 48 - 160 watt Wolff certified bulbs.
These units are designed to give maximum UV exposure in 12 minutes.
The Secrets of Good Tanning:
Good Tanning Equipment .... Proper Equipment Maintanance ....Safety
The latest fad in tanning units is brightly painted plastic tanning beds with lots of racing stripes, bells and whistles, etc. What tans you in a tanning bed are the bulbs. Tanning bulbs have a limited life and their UV output decreases as the bulbs age. UV bulbs must be cleaned and changed on a regular basis. Many nail shops and beauty salons don't track usage on their bulbs .... so the customer may not get the UV exposure they are paying for. Tanning beds need to be cleaned internally on a regular basis and the bulbs cleaned periodically between changes to give maximum UV output.
At Island Tan, our computer monitors the exact number of hours .... on every bulb .... in every bed. We perform cleaning and maintanance on a regular scheduled basis. In fact, we change our tanning bulbs sooner than the bulb manufacturer recommends. We want to insure that our customers get absolutely the best tan possible.
At Island Tan, your safety matters to us. Over exposure to the sun, whether outside or in a tanning bed, can be dangerous, so proper maintanance of all tanning equipment is important! Computer control of tanning time can also help prevent overexposure. We use Lucasol bed cleaning solution to clean our tanning units effectively. Lucasol is the leading tanning salon cleaner and is so effective at killing germs, it is used in many hospitals. The real key to clean beds is our people......we absolutely, positively guarantee that between customers every bed is cleaned to the best of our ability and the entire salon is always kept spotless.
Come visit us....see the difference for yourself!
Mystic Tan
1 - Mystic Tan Innovation Series Spray tanning booth. This UV- free tanning booth is perfect for those who want an "instant tan" or for those who are unable to, or prefer not to, tan in conventional tanning units.
Bruno's Shopping Center, Gulf Shores, AL
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